US 281 Salt Fork Arkansas River, Woods County.

Built in 1937, this 13-span structure carries a US highway just north of Alva.

Above, a view looking north. The structure consists of eleven 100-foot riveted Parker pony spans and a steel stringer approach at the north and south ends. Overall length of the bridge is 1,244 feet. Below, a view looking north right down the center line. Note in these two photograph that the railing on the approach has been modernized. The steelwork appeared to have been painted in the last 10 years.

Above, a view of the spans over the flood plain. Below, this pile of broken concrete at the south abutment is actually the remains of the old-style concrete "fence" style guard rail from the south approach span.

Above, a view of the span that actually crosses the river. This bridge is the last remaining big truss bridge in Northwest Oklahoma.

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