OK 76 Washita River, Garvin County

Built in 1953, this bridge sits about 1 mile south of Lindsay. With an overall length of 622 feet and a deck width of 28 feet, the structure consists of 5 spans: a 210-foot Parker/K-truss mainspan, and four 100-foot long Parker pony truss spans. All spans are riveted construction. The above view, looking south, gives an overview of the bridge. Below, a view along side shows the modern style cantilever concrete piers which support this bridge.

Above, the 210-foot mainspan. This is a truss type that has been in use in Oklahoma since 1931, though this example is built much heavier than those early spans of the 30's with their narrow decks. The portal braces in this bridge have, as you can see, been replaced with welded angles, and despite the relatively high clearance for a truss bridge, they are twisted from being hit by tall vehicles.

Below, it was mentioned above how heavily built this span is, and this photo below of one of the endposts, should give you a better idea. The channel has been reinforced by rather thick plate stitch riveted to the flanges. Heavy double lacing has been used in addition to this extra plate. Note also the Inland steel mark on the channel's web.

Above, one of the 100-foot pony spans. These are just as heavily built as the mainspan. Below, a back view of the portal showing the endposts, sway brace etc.

Above, a view looking north. This bridge is still in good shape, and even looks like it was painted in the last 10-15 years.

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