Unnamed Creek, Tulsa Co.

Built in 1930, this 48-foot Warren beadstead pony truss straddles a small creek at the intersection of 156th Street north and 97th Ave.

Above, an overview of the bridge. It appears that the bridge was moved here in 1930, as it now sits on concrete abutments rather than the leg-like extension of its vertical endposts.

Below, another overview. Instead of just having running boards, this bridge has a (near) full-width double layer deck. Double layer decks (or double floor), with the lower layer of boards laid perpendicular to the bridge's length, and the top layer laid with the bridge's length was a popular method of increasing the load capacity in bridges. However, today it is more popular to just double the deck under the travel area of vehicle wheels, as this saves money, and thus produces the familiar running boards seen on wood decked bridges.

Above, a side view of the bridge.

Below, another view of the bridge. Of the handful of Warren bedsteads in Tulsa County, this one is in the best condition, and appears to have been spared the damage that has afflicted the others.