US 169 Bird Creek Twin Bridges, Tulsa County

Route 66 is not the only highway in Oklahoma with a monopoly on twin bridges over Bird Creek.

However, unlike old US 66, both of US 169's bridges were built at the same time

Above, we see the twin bridges. Built in 1960, each bridge consists of a 9-panel 189' K-truss main span and two 100' pony truss spans, all spans of standard Oklahoma design. The above photo was taken looking north. You can just see the southern edge of Owasso beyond the bridges.

Below, a distant side shot from 56th St. North. 56th St. also boosts a truss bridge over Bird Creek, but unfortunately, at this writing, the photos of that bridge did not come out. But I promise to have it pictured soon!


Below, a close shot of the deck and portals I believe this bridge has been re-decked, I am not sure though. Other truss bridges from this era have not been found with the tall concrete curbs. Also note that the portal struts have been replaced as well. Overall, the bridge seems well maintained, and the lanes are as wide as the rest of the highway, 12'.

The final picture for this bridge is the close side/under shot you see below. You'll notice that the bridge sits on the modern "hammerhead" piers that you've probably seen before on overpasses, etc.

7208 1069 EX

7208 1069 WX