Bird Creek Bridge, Tulsa County

Now here is a unique bridge. This 192 foot structure is located in northern Tulsa county. Built in 1912, it is one of only three Pettit truss spans left in Oklahoma.

Notice how small the car looks in the photo above. Also note the unusual pattern of the Petit or Pennsylvania truss.

Above and in the two photos below we see the plaques attached to the bridge indicating year of construction, builder, and engineer. The people associated with this project were very proud to have their names on the bridge, and rightly so, the bridge is a wonderful showcase of the engineering and craftsmanship of the time. The dark spots in the above picture were caused by a sticky auto-lens cap that was not discovered until much later in the day.  The bridge was designed by K. Hughes and built by The Canton Bridge Co. of Canton, Ohio. (other examples of their work can be seen on these pages.)

Another series of shots showing the bridge's super structure to get an idea of its peculiar construction. The weight limit currently on the bridge is 3 tons. After viewing the underside of the bridge it was not hard to understand why. Much of the corrugated steel that supports the concrete has rotted away, and a variety of patch-work repairs have been performed, often using  scraps of wood and more rusty metal. Also, the concrete deck probably adds more unforeseen weight than the original wooden deck the designer had used.