Hackberry Creek Bridge, Texas Co.

The bridge you see on this page is the only through truss bridge in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Located 4 miles south of Hardesty, this 1920's era modified through Pratt was moved to this location in 1957. The span features riveted connections and a concrete deck. The bridge is 100 feet in length.

Above, a angled view looking south.

Below, a  view of the truss. This span is very typical of those built in the mid 1920's.

Above, a view from behind the portal. All the overhead steelworks was found straight.

Below, these square bolts in place of rivets are tell-tale signs of a lost builder's plaque.

Above, a final view looking north. We were pleased to find this bridge still standing, and in good condition. This is the westernmost truss bridge in Oklahoma, and the last truss bridge in Texas County. We hope it stays standing for a long while.