OK 53A Comanche Lake Spillway, Stephens Co.

OK 53A is not signed anymore, though I am not sure if it ever was. At any rate this rather nice 60-foot riveted Pratt pony truss was built in 1936 to allow traffic across the dam. It is now closed.

Above, looking east across the dam on a foggy winter morning. Below, the span. The eastern terminus of 53A was the east end of the bridge.

Above, a picture of the plaque attached to a rustic stone obelisk at the west end of the dam. Below, a view of the west entry to the dam with the rustic stone obelisks and the barrier.

Above, a side shot of the truss span. Below, one of the stone abutments that bears the bridge.

Above, a view of the bridge from the lake side of the dam. As you can see, the spillway is the semi-circular concrete wall. Although this is a pretty standard bridge, the installation setting is very unusual. Not many dams have truss bridges incorporated in them. The area has a relaxing, slow pace to it, and hopefully this bridge will remain for many years, if not generations more.

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