Skeleton Creek Bridge, Logan Co.

Built in 1925, this impressive modified through Pratt span stands just north of Lovell.

Above, looking north through the bridge. This bridge stands on the road that connects Marshall with Lovell in western Logan County. The bridge is in very good condition and is complete with concrete deck, approaches, and even the 'fence' style precast rails, all in good condition.

Above, looking north again, on the deck of the approach. All overhead steel is in good condition without any evidence of being hit by tall trucks, etc.

Below, the mark of Colorado Steel on one of the built-up web members.

Above, a side view of the main span.  Note the open shear walls on the piers.

Below, an angle view along side the bridge.

Above, the middle two panels. Struts and ties are added to the basic Pratt design to create the modified Pratt. This allowed an increase in carrying capacity, and also allowed a savings of steel by making some parts smaller.

Below, another view of this fine old bridge. This bridge is a good example of Oklahoma standard plan bridges built during the 1920's, and it is remarkable that it is in such good, unaltered condition.