Santa Fe RR Salt Fork Railroad Bridge, Kay County

This bridge was probably built circa 1910. It crosses the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River south of Ponca City. These photos were taken when the water level of the river was very high. Many of the bridge's features suggest that this bridge was built by The American Bridge Company, but this is not confirmed. This  bridge is still used, so caution is advised if you plan to visit.

Above, an overview of all three spans. I estimate the length of each span at 125 feet. They are all pin-connected, with eye-bars making up the tension web members only.

Above, a view through the bridge. This structure uses a ballasted deck.

Above, a detail view of one of the spans and the cantilevered telegraph arms. These appear to still be in use. Note the plates bolted to the eye-bars to tie them together.

Above, a view from on the deck. This bridge is in good shape and appears to be well cared for.

Above and below, a few more views of the bridge. I would appreciate any information on this bridge that could be supplied.