North Canadian River Bridge, Pottawatomie County.

Built in 1935, this is a very unusual bridge. It consists of a 120-foot long Camelback through truss, and a warren with verticals pony truss, as well as a stringer approach. All three spans appear in good condition with a 15-foot wide deck made of concrete.

Above, view of bridge as it is approached from the south. below, a view of the span from the side. The bridge has many design features similar to those of the Arkansas State Highway Commission of the 1930's. The most striking of these is the long horizontal stiffening strut. Top chord and endpost construction is typical channels, cover plate & lacing, web members, including the strut, are wide-flange and paired angle shapes, and the lower chord is paired angles.

Above, a side view of the Warren pony truss. Note the very shallow depth of the truss.

Below, another side view of the Camelback through span.

Above, a deck view of the portal and truss. Note how light weight the railing are on the truss, in fact, the whole truss has a very "light" feeling to it.

Below, a final view of the bridge. Whatever the span's origins, it is still a fine example of the variety available in truss bridge design.


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