Stillwater Creek Bridge, Payne County

These photos are of a weathered little span across Stillwater Creek east and south of Stillwater. The bridge is 100 feet long, and was built in 1916 by the Boardman Co., of Oklahoma City. The little bridge has seen a lot of use and misuse in its life it seems. Severe damaged has been inflicted  in the  portals and sway braces. Still, the bridge with its beautiful yet fatal coat of oxide makes for a very rustic appearance.  The bridge sees little traffic today and is posted to a limit of 4 tons.

Above, the builder's plaque. Although many bridges have been identified in the records as having been built by Boardman, this is the only one we've seen that still has a plaque. Below, the sway bracing and upper steelwork has been hit and repaired many times.

Above, around 2003, this bridge was replaced, and a local house mover moved the bridge to prevent it from being torn down

Above, a plaque from one of the bridge's endposts

Below, a view through the bridge.