North Stillwater Creek, Payne County

These four photos are of an interesting little bridge on Airport Rd., NW of Stillwater. The bridge was constructed by the Canton Bridge Co., of Canton Ohio. The date given in the records is 1927, indicating this bridge may have been moved here.

The bridge looks rather small, doesn't it?
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But now with a scale in the picture (for reference I am 5'-6") the whole thing looks larger. The length of the span is 60 feet. The stream is the low side of the Lake McMurty dam. The bridge is a pin-connected half-hip Pratt.

An underside view shows the stringers, joists, decking, bracing and the wooden piles the structure rests on. Note the two outside joists are wood. Also note in the above two photos the lower cord in the center of the bridge is made up of eye-bars, while the end sections are the usual angle iron.