Old OK 33 Cimarron River, Payne County


Above and below we have some pictures of a real beast. This is the old OK 33 bridge across the mighty Cimarron River. The bridge stands just 3 miles south of Ripley in Payne County. The above shots are looking east across the bridge, the shot above was taken from the current 33 bridge. Each span is 100' and there are eight of them total along with 'several approach spans, including a short concrete tee beam span crossing an old Santa Fe railroad grade that followed the east bank. This bridge was built in 1928 by the Canton Bridge Co.'s The Pioneer Construction Company of Kansas City Missouri,  and was replaced by the current OK 33 bridge in 1978. It would be nice to see this used for something again, and not demolished (so far I know of no such plans.)

A couple of underside views for you engineering types out there to give a sense of the bridge's size and condition.
Overall, I found the condition to be very good. The wide super structure seems to shelter the steelwork of the trusses quite nicely. Note the way the I-beam joists of the roadway deck seem to imbedded into the concrete in which they support. Also note the massiveness of the web members as compared to the chords.