East Branch Ranch Creek Bridge, Pawnee County

The bridge you see here was built in 1927 by The Central Concrete and Construction Co., of Canton Ohio. Though this company was active in building bridges in Oklahoma, few are known still standing, and even fewer with plaques in place. It is doubtful this type of bridge was built new in 1927, the date likely reflects its erection at this location. The above view gives a good idea about the character of its location. Below, the builder's plaque.

Above, a oblique side view showing the stone piers and abutments the bridge stands on. Below, a deck view of the truss. It is interesting to see that the lightweight angle railings have survived in good condition and are present on the truss and approach.

Above, a barrel-shot thru view of the structure. Below, a final view of the spans. This is an interesting example of a common span type with an uncommon builder.


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