Past frontispiece pictures for Oklahoma Bridges


Since the beginning of the frames version of the site, a 'best of' picture was used in the main frame when you first loaded the page. After a while, I decided to change the picture occasionally to showcase other bridges.

What follows is a gallery of past pictures for Oklahoma bridges.

These first three pictures were used with the old "Frames" version of the site, used from 2001-2003.

This was the first main picture used. It is the OK 156 bridge crossing the Salt Fork Arkansas River.


This is the second picture used, and one of my favorites. It is a northern Logan County bridge crossing Otter Creek


The third picture was this one of the old US 66 bridge across the Canadian river.

The following two pictures were used in the first version of the "frameless" main page 2003-2004.

This is the fourth bridge pictured, which use to cross the Grand River in Mayes County. The bridge is still standing, just not all the way across.


This, the fifth picture, shows the US 77 Lexington-Purcell Bridge. The bridge appears to go on forever.

These next two photos were used with the second revision of the "frameless" version from 2004-2007.

Our sixth frontispiece was the stately Calvin Bridge in Hughes Co.

Our seventh frontispiece is the Uncle John Creek bridge in Canadian County with a very stormy Oklahoma sky behind it.

Our current frontispiece is the old hwy. 18 bridge crossing Salt Creek in Fairfax, Osage County Oklahoma. This picture also headed the old Oklahoma Bridges by County page from 2003-2007, when the bridges-by-county listing format became the basis of the fifth revision of the Oklahoma Bridges website main page.