Owl Creek Bridge, LeFlore, Co.

Originaly built in 1911 as one of the 15 spans in the Lexington-Purcell Toll Bridge (US 77 until 1939), the bridge was dismantled in the late 1930's when the current US 77 deck truss was built and the old spans were offered to the counties. No date is give for when this span was moved here, only the original construction date in the earlier structure.

Above and below, this bridge is of the quadrangular Warren truss design, a rare design. The span stands largely unaltered, though a portion of its A-frame portal seems to be missing.

Above, view through the bridge from the deck. The compression web members are laced channel, while the tension web members are simply a pair of channels.

Below, another view through the bridge. Note the left portal brace has been almost completely torn off.