Old US 60 Unnamed Creek, Osage Co.

Built in 1927, this 80-foot long concrete arch spans an old alignment of US 60, east of Ponca City and about a mile south of Kaw Lake dam. This alignment was by-passed sometime in the 1960's.

Above, looking across the bridge. The bridge deck has a noticeable hump.

Below, this stamp was found on the curb at each end. The "S H C" stands for State Highway Commission, the predecessor to ODOT.

Above, a close view of the side. The side of the bridge has panel detailing, with the panels having a different finish than the frame around them. This little detailing adds a lot to an otherwise plain bridge.

Below, a close-up of the railings. These are the popular concrete "fence" style rail, which was popular for several decades in Oklahoma.


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