Mission Creek Crossing, Osage County

This well-built bridge is located in a very scenic portion of eastern Osage County. The first photo gives a sort of panoramic view of the area, looking east, with the bridge in the distance at the middle of the picture.

Above, a view of the bridge just as you approach it. The bridge makes a very attractive entrance to a heavily wooded and hilly area.

Below, a view trough the bridge. The bridge is a heavily built 130-foot long seven panel riveted Pratt truss constructed in 1928.

Below, a detail of the hip and portal frame connections.

Below, the sway bracing and upper laterals. You can also see that the intermediate posts are built up of channels facing in and laced.

Above, the bridge appears very massive in this view looking east. No weight limit was found posted.

Below, the bridge appears to disappear into the darkness.


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