Dog Thrasher Creek Bridge, Osage County

Despite the gory sounding name of the feature crossed, this bridge was found in a very attractive setting.

Built in 1920, this bridge sits near OK 11 close to Barnsdall. The bridge is 60-feet long.

Above, a view looking east at the bridge. The roadway is 18 feet wide and the bridge has a concrete deck. The bridge is of state engineer's design.

Below, a view of the bridge from the side. The bridge is of all riveted construction, and can be classified as either a Pratt pony or a Warren pony. I would class it as a Pratt because of the very shallow angles of the endposts and diagonals (the bridge is just a riveted version of a 4-panel pin-connected Pratt without counter ties).

An excellent surprise feature of this bridge is its cut stone abutments, as seen in the photo below. The top of these stone abutments are capped with concrete, an all is in very good original condition. Many bridges in this part of Osage County were found with cut stone piers and abutments.


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