OK 97 Delaware Creek, Osage County

Built in 1918 and designed by county engineer W. M. Clark, this 80-foot long Warren riveted pony truss bridge is in its twilight hour.

Above, a view looking through the bridge. This bridge is only one of a remaining few one-lane bridges on a state highway. Several small concrete one-lane bridges dating to the 1920's are also in this area.

Below, a side view of the bridge. This bridge looks like it is cheating!!

Above and below, these plaques were found on the right endpost at each end. The left endpost showed ghost marks and old bolts for plaques that are now missing. These missing plaques may have shown the County, Creek, or year, and, if the bridge has been moved. Notice that the first letter of the words "County" and "Engineer" are also missing.

Below, this picture, deliberately taken over exposed, shows the beams aiding the bridge.

Below, a close-up of the massive connection plates on the lower chord.

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