Salt Creek Bridge, Okmulgee County

We were quite pleased to find a builder's plaque still in place on such a small bridge. Moved here in 1929, this bridge was originally built by the Vincennes Bridge Co., of Vincennes Indiana, one of many Midwestern firms that built bridges in Oklahoma. This bridge was recently closed to traffic and is on EW 0870 Road.

In this view below, you can see how the endposts extend down below the bridge to become the supporting substructure.

The damage illustrated in the photo above may give clues to why this bridge was closed. When loaded, this member is under compression, and bent as it is, may buckle. The damage was probably the result of being struck by a vehicle.

The photo below illustrates a similar member that has been replaced with welded channels. The repair doesn't seem to exhibit the quality or workmanship of the originals, however.

Above, a deck view of the truss. At four panels, this is big for a bedstead truss.


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