Unnamed Creek Bridge, Okmulgee Co.

Built in 1929, this 48-foot riveted Warren pony span sits on concrete foundations with a concrete deck. The above and below photos give good overviews of the structure.

Above, however, all is not good with this span. Most of what damage there is is just on the side facing the roadway, but it is bad nonetheless. This is the lower end of the endpost.

Below, a typical gusset plate. As you can see, much of it is missing. Also note that the concrete deck comes right up to the gusset plate. On many bridges, a space is provided between these to prevent water from standing where it can do damage.

Above, Illinois steel mark on the upper chord channel.

Below, a typical gusset as viewed  from outside the bridge. You can also see a lot of debris collects on the structure, which is not good either. Although the bridge is still carrying 5 tons, it may not be around much longer.


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