North Canadian River Bridge, Okmulgee Co.

Built in 1951, this bridge consists of one 200-foot Parker-K truss span and four 100 foot Parker pony truss spans. The above photo gives an overview of the structure looking west. The overall length of the structure of 708 feet, with a curb-to curb width of 22 feet. Below, another view looking west close to the 200-foot span with a typical 100-span in the foreground.

Above, a photo looking east. Below, a view looking east through the 200-foot span.

Above, we found this US Steel Carnegie-Illinois mark on several places.

Above, a detail of the Parker-K truss. This span is heavily built with double-laced upper chords and endposts. The portal frame and sway bracing do not show evidence of being hit by tall trucks. Below, a final view of this impressive bridge. Overall, it was found in good shape, but it could use some paint.


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