Triple XXX Road North Canadian River, Oklahoma Co.

Yes, that is the actual name of the road, right off the DOT inventory list. I bet there is an interesting story about how Triple XXX road got its name, if someone is willing to share. Anyway, about the bridge; here we have a 1925 modified thru Parker truss, riveted, 160-feet, 8 panels long. The bridge sits diagonally to the true north-south direction of Triple XXX Road so as to cross the river at right angles. The south approach is very long compared to the north approach. Both approach spans feature the popular old style concrete 'fence' rails.

Below, a view as seen from the south. The long approach spans the wide floodplain of the river.

Above, another view looking north. The stringer approaches stand on concrete piles

Below, a view of the truss span.

Above, a close view of the portal and trusses. The steelwork on this bridge appears to be in good shape, with no damaged guards or sway bracing.

Below, another detail view of the truss. The modified Parker truss was used most in Oklahoma from about 1924 to 1931.


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