North Canadian River Bridge, Okfuskee Co.

Built in 1927, this 160-foot long Parker through truss is located just a few miles west of Weleetka, in eastern Okfuskee County. The single truss span is flanked by steel stringer approaches that look to be newer than the rest of the bridge. The truss is all-riveted, 8-panals, and of standard design.

Above, a view of the bridge from the southwest. The bridge is located diagonally with respect to the section-line road grid of Oklahoma, and thus, has a SW-NE orientation.

Below, another view looking through the bridge. The deck of the main span is concrete, and appears all original. Note that modern railing has replaced the lattice type rails on the ends of the span.

Above, view from the deck of the overhead system. Notice the use of widely spaced angles for many of the bridge's members.

Below, the portal, a classic 1920's design used almost everywhere.

Below, a backside view of the portal.

Below, it is not often that we are able to get such interesting views of a bridge, like this one. This picture was taken from atop of the car.


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