Negro Creek Bridge, LeFlore Co.

We were totally surprised when we found this little 60-foot long Riveted Pratt pony truss while en-route to another bridge.

Above, almost obscured by the dense growth of trees and other plants, this little derelict bridge is on what is now apparently a private road and adjacent to a church. The bridge is just east of the tiny hamlet of Calhoun.

Below, a view of the bridge from its modern concrete replacement. The scenic beauty of this bridge's location is quite remarkable. Indeed, the drive from Shady Point to here was rather enjoyable. Notice the "crutch" the bridge obtained during its tenure in public service.

Below, a close view of the bridge and its "repairs" Piles? Or just sitting there who knows!! But the ideal place for it to be would be directly under that center vertical post. At least under the gusset plate was good enough for the good 'ol boys who did (or designed) this repair to get the cigar,  but its still not enough and functionally, is totally ridiculous.

Below, David, our resident civil engineer, and Ken, our resident "official critic of the obviously jury-rigged repair",  showing us his trade-mark 'just look at this mess' gesture, demonstrate the bridge's obvious deficiencies.

Below, a view from above of the "repair".

OK, to end this page, here is a picture from the old bridge looking at the little rapids near the new bridge.