Court Street Katy Railroad Overpass, Muskogee County

Built in 1905, the story of this bridge is told by the plaque in the photo below. The pin-connected through Pratt is 100 feet in length. It is flanked by two riveted Warren pony trusses. Total length of the structure is 260 feet.

Above, a deck view of the very unique pony truss. As the plaque stated, the bridge was built from reused steel, which accounts for the very unusual construction of the pony trusses. Below, the through truss span. The through span is much more conventional in construction, indicating possibly that it was fabricated from new material.

Above, a side view of the structure. Below, a 1905 date stamp on the concrete pier. All the piers have this date stamp.

Above, true to the information given in the plaque, here is a Carnegie Steel mark on an angle in the pony truss.

Below, a view of the former Katy tracks that run under the bridge. Katy was the handle for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad.


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