Cloud Creek Bridge, Muskogee County

Built in 1914 by the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co., of Leavenworth Kansas, this 70-foot riveted Warren pony truss is rather unique. Above, a view through the span. Below, the ghost marks of a recently removed plaque. Missouri Valley used a variety of plaque designs, the oval plaque which once graced this bridge being one of their more unique.

Above and below, a very unique feature of this bridge is its brick abutments

Above, another view of the brick abutment.

Below, view of the truss. This isn't the most graceful top chord profile for a polygonal top chord Warren. Missouri Valley built a much more graceful bridge in 1916 in Osage County. The Vincennes Bridge Co. built an earlier bridge like the one seen here in 1911, giving reason to speculate that the awkward design was the creation of the Muskogee County Engineer.

Above, detail of the truss.

Below, a final view of the structure. This bridge was moved onto private property in late 2009.


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