Old OK 16 (Jefferson Highway) Arkansas River, Muskogee Co.

Built in 1922 by the Vincennes Bridge Co., of Vincennes, Indiana, this bridge has carried both the Jefferson Highway and OK 16, It now stands abandoned, as a reminder of the great bridge building boom of the 1920's. The bridge consists of one Parker pony span, and four riveted through Parker spans. This bridge is a good early example of the all-riveted type of bridge that would sweep though Oklahoma in the following decade.

Above, looking north thru the bridge, we see the 100-foot pony approach span in the foreground. Each of the through Parker spans is 210 feet in length.

Below, a view along side the bridge. Good side views at this location are nearly impossible, as the bridge has neighbors on both sides.

Above, a deck view, looking north into one of the through spans. The heavy lattice rails made of angles seems to be a feature the Vincennes Bridge Co. liked to employ, as their 1924 bridge at Blackwell also uses them. Below, a better view showing the truss construction. Note the extensive use of lacing and the horizontal strut in the center two panels. By the time this bridge was built, bridge companies were building to their customer's and state specifications.

Above, a view back to the south of the pony span. Below, the mark of the Inland Steel Co. on a section of channel.

51-No Number (N4313E0840004)

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