US 70 Yashau Creek, McCurtain County

Built in 1936 by Pharoah Co., of Henryetta Oklahoma, this small highway bridge consists of a riveted Parker pony truss measuring 100 feet in length and three steel stringer approaches. The total length of the bridge is 254 feet. Above, looking south. We wish to call attention first to the overall depressing appearance of the structure. This is because the characteristic old style concrete "fence" guardrails (such as the ones on the approaches of this bridge) that would have originally graced this bridge have been replaced by drab interstate-style monolithic barriers. However, the truss span itself appears to be in good condition, including the concrete which looks rather old as well.

Below, a side view of the pony span. The 5-panel Parker pony ranks as the all-time most popular highway truss type in Oklahoma because of its adaptability and reliability.

Above, another side view of this veteran of highway service. Below, a final view showing the whole structure.

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