US 70 Little River, McCurtain County

Built in 1938 by Moran & Buckner, this bridge is an impressive 1,012 feet in length. It consists of one 60-foot Parker pony truss, which is the span in the foreground in the view, above, nine 80-foot long Parker pony spans, and one 210-foot through Parker-K truss spans. All spans are of riveted steel construction with 24-foot wide concrete decks.  In the view above, you can also see to the left of the first span a concrete post. This is an extension of the abutment wing walls called a wing post, a feature seen mostly on 1930's era bridges in Oklahoma.  On this bridge two left and one right wing post was found intact.

Below, looking north at the bridge from the south end. Aside from a missing wing post, reconstructed portal braces and a light asphalt deck overlay seem to be its only other alterations.

Above, another view from the south end. Note the double lacing in the end posts of the through span.

Above, the 60-foot Parker pony span. Below, a typical 80-foot span.

Above and below, two close side views of the big through truss. This was a truss type used with great success throughout Oklahoma.

Below, pony trusses stretching across the flood plain.

Above, a deck view of the nine north pony spans. The difference in the 60 and 80 foot spans is quite discernable in this view.

Below, a final view of this interesting structure.

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