OK 3 Glover River, McCurtain County

Built in 1953 by Gragg Construction Co., this 9-span structure features a 210-foot Parker-K design through truss for its mainspan, and eight 100-foot long Parker pony spans. All spans are of state standard designs. The first two photos, above and below, show 5 pony spans in the foreground. You will quickly note the wide deck and curbs, features typical of latter truss bridges. The deck on this bridge is 28 feet wide.

Above, looking through the structure on the end with 3 pony spans. As is typical with many 50's era through trusses, the portal bracing has been replaced to gain height.

Below, a side view of the main span. The use of the 'X' arrangement of ties and counter ties in the center two panels of this span, as opposed to the 'K' arrangement of ties and struts, makes this a combined Parker-K type truss.

Above, detail of the center panels of the bridge. Note the reinforcing plate riveted to the web of the lower chord.

Below, elevation view of one of the pony spans.

Above,  a pier and meeting of two spans.

Below, a barrel shot is our final view of this fine bridge.

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