Old OK 33 Chouteau Creek, Mayes Co.

Built in 1946, this 210-foot combination K-Parker truss and a 100-foot Parker pony approach span is located just east of Chouteau on an old alignment of OK 33. Records show that this bridge was built by Amis Construction Co.

Above, view looking east through the bridge. Note the wide curbs and the 7-panel portal frame.

Below, on the mainspan looking east.

Below, another view looking east.

Above and below, these markings were found stamped into the bridge in several locations. They were apparently to aid workers in the assembly of the bridge.

Above and below, two views of the unusual 7 panel portal. Most portal of this type were 6 panels.

Above, details of typical connections; below, detail of the pony span's upper chord. The cover plate in the foreground is the hip of the truss.

Above, remains of an even earlier bridge at this location. This section of old OK 33 was originally OK 11, the first highway user of the remains shown here.

Below, yet another view to the east. This bridge was found to be in remarkable condition with only some minor deck issues near the east expansion joint.

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