OK 32 Hauani Creek, Marshall Co.

Above, built in 1946 by R.R. Tway Inc., this 100-foot Parker pony truss with  six steel stringer approaches carries OK 32 across Hauani Creek in extreme western Marshall County. The bridge is located between Marietta and Kingston. This bridge features a generous 26-foot wide deck and is 349-feet long.

Below, the bridge's plaque, which, oddly, is mounted next to the bridge at each end.

Above, a close view along side.

Below, a close view of the truss from the deck. Though some surface rust and peeling paint are visible, the overall condition seem descent. Note that all the original concrete, including the popular "fence" style railing with art deco detailing, is intact.

Above, a final view of this fine old bridge. Its wide deck has allowed it to continue to keep pace with modern traffic.

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