OK 32 Rock Creek, Love County

Above, photographed in its twilight hour in January 2009, construction has started on the replacement for this venerable survivor. Built in 1947, this bridge is a deck truss, and features a 100-foot long Warren mainspan with steel stringer approaches.

Below, though it looks like an ugly modern concrete bridge in the photo above, viewing the bridge from a different angle reveals all.

Above, a below deck view through the truss. Though not used as frequently, standard designs for deck trusses existed in Oklahoma, and this bridge was built to those standards.

Below, laying in the grass close enough to the bridge to not have been effected by the construction work is a sole survivor of the original guardrail railing which would once have given this bridge a less utilitarian look. This happens to be the upright post from a railing such as on this bridge.

Above, the Bethlehem Steel mark on one of the bridge's many channels.

Below, a final view of this weathered old veteran. Unfortunately, by the time this photo is published, this bridge may be gone.

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