US 77 Hickory Creek Bridge, Love Co.

Built in 1927 and modified and widened in the earl 1960's,  this bridge stands about midway between Ardmore and Marietta.

Above, looking north thru the bridge. Each of the Parker pony spans is 96 feet long, and the bridge has a 28-foot wide deck. The guard rail style of the approach spans was the current standard when the bridge was widened sometime in the early 1960's.

Below, a view to the side. It appears the original piers were reused, the tops were modified to accommodate the wider bridge.

Above, a close view of one of the trusses. You can also see the different concrete on the modifications on the piers.

Below, another deck level view of the bridge. This bridge appears to have been painted rather recently, and is not load posted. This, combined with its wide deck should help insure its continued service for some time.

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