Old US 66 Salt Creek, Lincoln Co.

Built in 1928, this 60-foot riveted Pratt pony truss span stands on a dead-end section of abandoned alignment just east of  Stroud. This bridge did not go into service for the highway until 1930, when the road was built. Previous to this bridge, another nearby bridge was used.

Above, looking westbound through the bridge. This is an Oklahoma standard-plan bridge. As you can see, the concrete deck and safety rails are in very good condition.

Below, we were surprised to see this plaque intact and in good condition.

Above, looking east through the bridge. The bridge is the full width of the roadway.

Below, this view along side shows the concrete abutments the bridge sits on. Note the concrete debris in the creek.

Above, the Colorado Steel mark on the channel of the upper chord.

Below,  a typical connection. Note how the channels are mitered toghether.

Above, a general view of the truss.


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