Old US 62 Robinson Creek, Lincoln County

Two bridges are actually shown on this page, both built in 1929 as a Federal Aid Project for what was Oklahoma Highway 9 at the time. US 62 took over this route a year later, and this alignment served as US 62 until bypassed in the 1950's or 1960's. The above photograph is a view of the bridge looking east. It is a state standard design riveted Pratt pony truss that was quite frequently used on highways in the 1920's. It is 60 feet long, with a 20-foot wide deck. Below, a side view of the span.

Above and below, two additional views of this span. Overall, the bridge is in good unaltered shape, with some missing railings at the west end.

Above, and below, these two photos are of the second bridge mentioned earlier at the top of the page. This bridge is located quite close to the truss span, and crosses a small fork of Robinson Creek. It is interesting because it has, on its end that faces the truss span, an FAP plaque shown above. The view below is looking east back towards the pony truss, which is hidden by trees just around the bend. These two spans and the section of alignment they stand on are an interesting vignette of what many of Oklahoma's highways were like in the 30's and 40's. This section was once asphalt paved, but the asphalt has mostly deteriorated back to gravel. It may have never been paved while it was US 62, we are not sure.


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