US 177 Deep Fork River, Lincoln Co.

Built in 1940 by the Gaines Brothers, this state standard 100 foot Pony truss stands just north of the US 177-OK 66 junction in Lincoln Co. This bridge is made more unique than most others like it because it is skewed (ends of bridge not perpendicular to the road). However, only the truss span of this bridge is skewed.

Above, overview of the bridge looking south. The concrete guards and deck have all been replaced.

Below, a side view of the bridge, showing the piers, approach spans and the depth of the truss. Because of the width of this bridge, the floor beams are very deep. You can  readily see the difference in this view between the newer concrete of the deck and the old, darkened concrete of the piers and abutments.

Below, a broad view, looking to the southwest. You can see more clearly the skew angle in the column shear wall.

Below, another close view, taken from the same side as the previous photograph. The steelwork on this bridge was found well painted and protected, and the concrete work in the superstructure is also in very good repair, an unusual achievement on most state bridge.

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