OK 66B (old US 66) Captain Creek, Lincoln Co.

This bridge, built in 1932, stands just west of downtown Wellston in Lincoln County. The bridge consist of a skewed 100-foot Parker Pony and stringer approach spans. Laced guards are used on the truss span and concrete 'fence' style guards, though no longer present, would have adorned the approaches. below is an overview of the whole structure looking west.

Above, a close view of the truss span form the deck. You can clearly see the skew of the bridge. The offset is one panel.

Below, a view of the pony span form the side.

Above, detail view of the end of the pony span. You can clearly see the cross-beam that supports the stringers of the stringer span which is separate from the steelwork of the truss. You can see the angle in this beam relative to the deck in this view.

Below, another view similar to above, but form a lower angle. Each end of the truss span is a half panel, cut diagonally. Skewed bridges weren't so common in the truss era, but are used frequently today.

Below, a close side view of the pony span. Many other bridges on Route 66 are of this same design, used all over Oklahoma.

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