OK 9 Rainy Mountain Creek, Kiowa County

Built in 1931, this 160' K-Parker truss is a rare "missing link" in the design evolution from 8-panel modified-Parker truss spans to 8-panel K-truss spans. Another bridge, built like this one in 1933 exists on OK 99 in Johnston County. If one compares this bridge with the US 77 Black bear Creek bridge (1931) and the OK 99 Pond Creek bridge (1935), you can clearly see the changes.

Below, an overview of this interesting bridge. The bridge consists of two 40' stringer approaches with the popular concrete 'fence' guards, and a 160-foot K-Parker thru truss and a 100-foot Parker truss. the view below is looking east.

Above, this bridge's F.A.P. (Federal Aid Project) plaque, found on one of the concrete end posts.

Above, close view of the portal. This bridge would have had knee braces identical to the Black Bear bridge mentioned above. In fact, all of the upper lateral framing in the two bridges is identical. Note only four panels in the portal.

Below, another view looking up at the bridge.

Above, a back view of the portal and close-up of one of the 'K' panels. Note that the upper arm in the K is not a built up section, as it is on most other bridges.

Below, a view alongside. Note the repairs made to the guards on the approach. This bridge is really in good condition for its age.

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