OK 5 Sandy Creek, Jackson County

Built in 1939, this skewed bridge seems just as it was built. Everything is intact and in good shape. The bridge features a 100 foot riveted Parker pony mainspan and three steel stringer approach spans with concrete railings. All spans have concrete decks with a newer asphalt overlay. Overall length of the bridge is 256 feet. The width between the curbs is a generous 24 feet. This bridge is located near Eldorado. The photo above is looking through the bridge. Below, a view along side the structure.

Above, a side view of the mainspan.

Below, this view shows the skew quite clearly.

Above, wide pier spacing and a long shear wall are characteristic of skewed bridges.

Below, a deck view of the truss. The bridge wears the green paint well, and it is a good color.

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