Old US 62 North Fork Red River Bridge, Jackson County


Built in 1929, this bridge of 23 Parker pony spans and one steel stringer approach spans the river east of Headrick. Each of the riveted Parker pony truss span is 80 feet long, with a 24 foot wide deck. Above, and below, a views looking east through this 1,924 foot long structure.

Above, a close view of one of the trusses. The 5-panel Parker spans are a state-standard design, and probably the most used truss type in Oklahoma.

Below, a view of the concrete rails of the approach. These are in surprisingly good shape.

Above, the eastern most span with the interesting  rock formation at the east end of the bridge. Below, another view of the bridge with the rock.

Above, this view, looking east near the east end of the bridge, shows the river bridge in relation to a through-truss overpass that carried US 62 across the tracks of the Saint Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) Railroad. The closure of the overpass on Oct 26, 2009, meant that this bridge was closed to.

Below, the remains of a small concrete obelisk that once held a brass Federal Aid Project plaque. These plaques were shaped like the US highway shield, and you can still see the outline of the bottom of the shield. This marker is at the east end of the bridge.

Above, a view alongside the bridge at the west end.

Below, looking east through the bridge. Until Tillman County reopens the overpass, this bridge will be closed. Not many of the big pony truss bridges are open to traffic still, and it is a shame, both for bridge enthusiasts and locals who used this bridge, that this one is closed.


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