US 60 Salt Fork River, Grant Co.

Above is a deck view looking west. The water tower in the background belongs to the town of Pond Creek. The eleven pony spans you see here were built in 1936. Each span is 100 feet long and features a deck wide enough for two 12' lanes. . The entire length of the bridge's deck has been paved with an asphalt wearing surface. The bridge is in excellent condition.

Above, a close angle view

Below, another side view. The brown paint on this bridge looks very new and is in good condition.

Below, a good detail shot of the ends of each span. Now, with great clarity you may see how the upper chord (compression), is attached to the lower chord (tension). David, our resident civil engineer and expert on the subject, proudly points out a very important part of the bridge, the bearing pin. The bearing pin is at the exact spot where the center of gravity lines of the top and bottom chords meet. This is where the bridge span is supported.

And, while were here looking at a close-up of an Oklahoma bridge, let's give a hurrah to the Oklahoma DOT people who did such a nice job keeping this bridge painted and rust free: HURRAH!!!

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