Crow's Nest Creek, Garfield County

This bridge was built in 1913 and is 75 feet long. It is a 4-panel half-hip Pratt pony truss.

This first photograph shows the bridge as approached from the east. The location of the bridge and the 'drama' of its site is the real appeal of this bridge, otherwise its just a 4-panel pin-connected Pratt that we've all seen before. The roadway leading down to the bridge from both directions was cut out of the rock. The  bridge sits for the most part on the rock on either side of the stream.

This is a shot of the west approach. The bridge sits at an odd angle to the true east-west direction of the road it is on.

The real drama is when you approach the bridge from the east going west. You first see the bridge as pictured here, on a winding road perched high above the stream.

As you wind down, the bridge seems to 'melt' into the surroundings.

And then you hit it. Much of the drama and beauty of this crossing would be lost if the bridge was ever replaced.


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