Doise Creek Bridge, Lincoln Co.

This very small bridge was built in 1920 and straddles a small creek just outside of Davenport. With only 2 panels, this is almost as simple of a bridge as you can get. The photograph below, taken from the side will convey the structure's simplicity.

Classifying a bridge such as this is quite hard, as it fall under several types. It could be a Warren span of only 2 panels, or it could be a 2-panel riveted half-hip Pratt. Either would be correct. As you can see, the bridge is composed of only plates and angles. Below is a view looking through the bridge.

Above, the stone foundations that support the steel span. As you can see, the deck and stringers are wood. Below is a close-view of the truss from the deck.

Above, detail of the hip connections. Note the the economy of the members and connections. Below is the center vertical and its connections. The only structural latticework to be found is in this member.

Below, Carnegie Steel mark on bridge member. When most people think Carnegie, they think of the great Hall, or the many Carnegie libraries built at the turn of the century, not humble truss bridges such as this.