OK 33 Deer Creek, Custer Co.

Built in 1946, this 100-foot Parker Pony span with stringer approaches carries traffic in northern Custer County near Thomas.

Above, a deck view of the bridge, looking west. This bridge is a wide 26 feet between curbs, and is 235 feet overall. Records show it was built be G. E. Keck.

Below, a view alongside the structure.

Above, another view looking west.

Below, standing alongside this bridge is this railroad trestle crossing Deer Creek. It is interesting to note that the railroads have used and still use a lot a of wood structures, such as this, to carry their tremendous loads with great success. However, anytime it is discovered by the general populous that a highway bridge they cross in their 2 ton vehicle has wood in its substructure, they "freak out".

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