OK 66/Old US 66 Little Cabin Creek Bridge, Craig Co.

Built in 1935, this bridge consists of a 100-foot Parker pony truss coupled to steel stringer approaches with concrete railing. Total bridge length is 388 feet with a 24 foot wide deck.

Above, view thru the structure showing the lengthy approaches at each end.

Below, another view, showing the old Oklahoma concrete "fence" style of guard rail used, with minor variation, into the 1950's. The concrete decks and other concrete work are in good shape, and have needed few repairs.

Above, a side view of the mainspan. This venerable truss design was used with great success throughout Oklahoma. Note that the piers overhang at the top.

Below, side view of the long approach at one end of the bridge.

Below, overall view of the entire bridge structure. This bridge is located about 2 miles east of Vinita.

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