OK 5 Soldiers Creek, Cotton County

Built in 1931 by Roberts & Fisher, this 100-foot long riveted Parker pony span still carries traffic for Highway 5.

Above, a view through the bridge. This is a single span structure, with no approaches.

Below, a side view of the structure.

Above, a typical detail on bridges of this era was a "wing post", which was a concrete guardrail-like post extension of the abutment's wing walls. These sometimes held dedication, Federal Aid Project, or memorial plaques, though often, such as on this bridge, they are blank.

Below, a deck view of the truss. You can see where the original steel lattice railing was once mounted to the truss.

Above, an underside view showing the flooring and lower lateral systems. The lower lateral system is simply a truss on its side to take wind loads.

Below, a view along side. The Parker pony truss was a very popular structural type for use on Oklahoma's highways, and it is somewhat uncommon to see them installed without approach spans.

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