US 277 Deep Red Creek, Cotton County

Built in1941, this trio of  80-foot riveted Parker ponies and flanking approaches was built by R. R. Tway Inc.

Above, looking through the bridge.

Below, a view of the three truss spans from the deck.

Above, a side view of the three truss spans. It was hard to tell if the pier tops had been widened, though these actually looked like they were built this way on this particular bridge

Below, a side view of a single span showing greater detail.

Above, underside shot showing the bridges construction.

Below,  the concrete guardrail of one of the steel stringer approaches. This is what we have come to term the "Deco Bars" style of the concrete "fence" concrete guardrail design that was used from circa 1939 to circa 1950. The "deco Bars" name come from the art-deco style grooves cast in the vertical posts, with the wide posts having three grooves, and the narrow posts only one. Many bridges loose their classic appearance when these railing are modernized with boring monolithic railings.

Above, a final view through the bridge. This structure is a fine example of a typical 1940's era Oklahoma highway bridge, and is still in good shape.

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